Sunday, June 30, 2013

VIDEO: Boyfriend Leaks Sex-tape Made With UNILAG Girl (DOWNLOAD)

This just came in to our mailbox.. Anonymous source says:

Good day 411vibes and nice blog, I want to share this video with you guys so as to make girls know or realise that things they do in their boyfriend’s room just to please them can backfire some time soon and I mean when the boy is tired of seeing the same face every time. The girl is doing a Diploma programme in University of Lagos. (Unilag).
The boy happens to be a friend to my cousin and after he shared the video with his friends, they kept doing same. Tagging the girl as a slut (someone he has been with for close to a year already) can you imagine how callous some guys can be?. Please do share this though I know it in’t right but still I hope this make some girls who see the video change their mind about doing such stupid acts like this. And yes I am a female too and it hurts to see things like this.


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