Thursday, June 20, 2013

Check Out The Spa That offers PYTHON MASSAGE with Large Snakes (PHOTOS)

A BRAVE volunteer lets giant pythons slither over her bare skin, as she takes part in the latest spa craze - SNAKE massage. The reptile sessions are being offered by a massage parlour in the Indonesian capital Jakarta for just £30 a time.

Visitors are given a traditional rub down, before the masseuse lays several of the giant snakes all over their naked body.

Therapy ... several snakes are laid on woman's back

Managers at the Snake Spa claim the pythons' presence triggers an adrenaline rush that benefits the human metabolism.

Mad as an adder ... weight and movement of the reptiles manipulates muscles and joints
The weight and movement of the creatures is also said to manipulate achy muscles and joints.

Scared stiff ... spa staff say pythons' presence triggers adrenaline release

Staff are kept on standby for safety purposes and the pythons are well-fed before each session - to make sure they're not tempted to tuck into tasty clients.

Hungry?... python gets too close for comfort

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  1. Omg ! I hate snakes ... I cant even look at the pic sef


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